Isna Tianti Speaks

Greetings BeHuetiful People!

My name is Isna Tianti, and I’d like to invite you to the domain of “IT’S REALL” where my mission is to Inspire Through Sharing Relevant Expressions About Living Life.


One could say that there is no such thing as an accident. Isna knows there are no coincidences in life, only divine incidences. On purpose, Isna Tianti is now walking in and fulfilling her purpose. Literally and figuratively, she knows her life was spared to share. Born with the gift of insight, an old yet youthful soul, her purpose is to inspire, causing the heart, mind, and spirit to catch fire. As a lauded poet, author, and creative soul she shares with the world through many creative forms.

Refreshing the minds of your conferences, students, congregations, and community.

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Quoetically Speaking

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Fo'Ur Seasons

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Lessons From My Grandmother's Lap

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Isna was a GREAT speaker! She really was able to command the room and get all of my students’ attention when she spoke (which can be hard to do with high school students). My students were all engaged in the topics she brought before us, and even stopped to speak with her after. I’ve had students in my class stop me and tell me things like “I needed what she just told us” and “When she started speaking, I had to stop what I was doing because what she was saying was so real.”

As an educator, seeing someone empower my students to do what they are purposed to do and use the gifts they have to generate income was fantastic! I think it was powerful for the students to see an artist, and hear that you don’t have to be a starving artist; it’s all about what’s in your head and your drive. It was truly AMAZING!

—Kyle R.

I enlisted Isna as part of the entertainment for my birthday celebratory event. Isna not only surpassed my expectations, but she also left a profound impact on everyone that heard her spoken word! I knew from our initial discussion that I had selected the right poet for my event. I found Isna to be innately personable, professional, and a great communicator, which transcends into her spoken word and the great connection she had with everyone.

Isna helped to make my party the success it was; everyone was pleasantly surprised, wanting for more, and are still expressing the inspiration and good spirits they felt from hearing her spoken word. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her God-given talents with us!

—Vickie C.

I am still smiling, laughing and motivated by the one-woman show delivered by the phenomenal Isna. Her warm sultry voice, smooth flow, and royal presence captivated the audience. It seemed as though she knew all of us, and understands the pain of our struggle and the aspirations of our dreams.

Crossing age, racial, and gender barriers seemed simple because her verbal precision pierced our hearts with universal truths. Without a pause, she expressed—in 3 minutes—the secrets of emotional intelligence, listening, and respect.

After watching this same group of men walk up and embrace her with love, I knew that we all had experienced the touch of a queen.

—Rodney M.

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